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to productively bring cell therapy to the world

Cell Therapy

Cell therapy is an administration of live cells to the body to treat diseases. It is also highly precise, allowing zeroed-in targeting of afflicted areas. These characteristics make cell therapy not only an excellent way to cover some of the deficiencies modern medicine faces, but also an avenue to develop quality treatments for degenerative diseases and other previously irreversible ailments.

CPC aims to bridge the gap of insufficient cell processing capacity and bring cell therapy to the world.

About Us

TaiwanBio Therapeutics Co., Ltd. transferred a hypoxic and low-density cell culture technology from Taipei Veterans General Hospital and National Yang-Ming University and has since been focusing on the development of cell therapeutic medical products and possesses many years of experience in optimizing cell production and conducting clinical trials.

In line with our core competency, we built an industry-leading Cell Processing Center (CPC). The CPC is a facility compliant with ATMP PIC/S GMP standards featuring advanced cell culture technology, robust in-house QA and QC systems, assay development capabilities, an experienced team and expert consultants. Operating as a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), TaiwanBio provides services such as cell processing, manufacturing scale up, and process optimization, and is committed to becoming the center of cell production in Asia.

Our Mission

TaiwanBio invests in the development of novel cell therapy products and revolutionize the human medical care. We are actively cooperating with domestic and international experts to continuously provide the best CDMO service with our CPC. Our mission is to be the leader of the cell industry alongside making valuable contribution to advancing cell industry in Taiwan.

Our Vision

Humanity, innovation, and excellence are values at the core of TaiwanBio. We integrate these core values into biomedical technologies and endeavor to improve human health.

Quality Policy Statement

Through continuously improving our outstanding quality management system, TaiwanBio develops and manufactures high-quality cellular medical products that meet regulatory requirements. We, at TaiwanBio, are committed to providing people with superior medical care and an improved quality of living.


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